Across the GCC region, curriculums are quickly evolving to include expanded astronomy and space exploration education in line with the GCC’s space and Hope mission program.

Immersive spaces have long been used to teach astronomy and science exploration at an adult level, but are increasingly being adopted as a ‘digital classroom’ for younger students too – introducing them to the skies above.

These spaces are powerful additions to a teacher’s toolset. Unlike conventional digital teaching methods such as digital whiteboards or PCs, immersive spaces foster both group learning and interaction – adding the unique element of entertainment-based learning to truly capture the minds of younger students.

For this age group, going ‘inside the topic’ encourages comprehension, while the technology at hand allows educators to introduce such as such as the primary elements of our solar system and space exploration as core curriculum areas.

As more and more of these ‘immersive classrooms’ are established across the GCC region (and worldwide!), a new digital learning network will emerge – enabling teachers to connect, share ideas, and introduce classes to each other in a collaborative way.

The technology required for ‘immersive classrooms’ is merely the enabler. The essential detail is in bringing together experience of educational needs, problem solving, a custom approach, and access to tools that connect the dots. Science and astronomy exploration are complex subjects that need a custom approach, and Visuals Attraction understands that technology is the backbone of the solution. We go beyond the design and installation of technology – offering unique solutions to educational requirements with specialist digital teaching tools.

Since the dome offers such a large canvas, we’re able to fill it with huge amounts of data – from one side of the spectrum to the other. In terms of what we can show on the screen, the possibilities are vast as your imagination!

Our Falak immersive theater range is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate all data visualization and teaching requirements for core STEM topics.

We use a type of high performance computing system that takes server-based data and manipulates it to play on the dome screen through very high performance and high resolution projection systems.

For all of our dome theater solutions, the minimum resolution is 4K – this is much more resolute and powerful than what’s available at home, since dome screens provide a much larger canvas and higher level of detail.

That’s not to say a dome screen is an absolute necessity for immersive experiences – for some venues, a dome simply isn’t required, or viable. For all forms of immersive digital classroom, create a space that is fully bespoke to requirements – and equipped to teach the next generation of space exploration.

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