visuals attraction ncm 4d science dome

Weather Data Visualizations Designed to Foster Understanding of Regional Meteorological Advancements and Programs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  – Science Dome, a new 4D dome experience at the National Center of Meteorology’s (NCM) Visitor Center in Abu Dhabi, has opened its doors to the public as part of an engagement strategy that helps audiences understand weather data and meteorological research programs in the region. Immersive solution experts, Visuals Attraction, is behind the design and commissioning of the theater that features state-of-the-art technologies, special effects, a 6K projection system and custom media.

Situated on the fourth floor of the NCM’s research and public broadcast facility in Abu Dhabi, the Science Dome theater new facility is dedicated to meteorological data and has been designed to host international weather experts – designed to aid informal education of this process as a 4D immersive experience.

The 12-meter Science Dome brings together the very best elements of an entertainment experience, with accurate scientific visualizations that are driven by REAL science for groups of up to sixty people, as well as a dedicated space for visitors with accessibility needs.

His Excellence (HE) Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Mandous, Director of the National Center for Meteorology explains, “The National Meteorological Center’s scientific dome has been designed and equipped with the most advanced technologies for a unique experience to help our visitors understand meteorology and geophysics sciences.”

As a global first-of-its kind installation that has used a 4D dome to visualize real-time and simulated weather data, Visuals Attraction designed and commissioned a state-of-the-art Falak® theater solution comprising a 6K fulldome display that uses laser-illuminated projection technology. Driving the display system are two banks of media servers. Two powerful media server solutions handle real-time atmospheric weather modeling and weather simulations.

Specially integrated and automated effects of low-level fog machines, fans, heaters, lightning-simulators, a deep and powerful audio system, and butt kicker and low frequency seating effects, take audiences into the clouds virtually.

Mr. Omar Al Yazeedi, Director of Research, Development and Training at the National Center for Meteorology notes, “This scientific dome is considered a hugely important addition to the National Center of Meteorology. We thank everyone who contributed to and assisted in completion of the project – especially under such challenging conditions caused by COVID-19. We also extend our appreciation to Visuals Attraction for their patience and dedication to the project.”

Eng. Wisam Al Mufti, Visuals Attraction’s Managing Director, comments; “We are honored to have been worked on such a prestigious, and technologically advanced project. Since the very beginning, the NCM team has had a truly clear vision for the new Science Dome experience – using technology and entertainment to bring such a specialist topic to life, and putting Abu Dhabi at the forefront of immersive theater innovation and science engagement!”

Throughout the day, the theater will be used for schools, colleges, and public screenings of a new immersive film on the Cloud Seeding and Rain Enhancement Program from NCM. Together with the ability to host international groups of experts from the meteorological sector to review weather pattern simulations.