Planetarium Solutions

Visuals Attraction is an established, dedicated provider of high performance digital planetarium and fulldome and 3D theater solutions across the Middle East.

As the official reseller of, and partner for, Zeiss Planetariums and Powerdome theaters across the Middle East, Visuals Attraction has a solution for all theater sizes and budgets.


Digital Planetarium Partner Technology

We offer state-of-the-art immersive planetarium  technology across the Middle East.

Working with our partners, we provides fulldome theater solutions for planetariums, science centers, museums, and educational institutions. Our mission is to provide a complete range of products and services to institutions, to help enlighten and inspire their communities with scientific visualization.  Expect the best solution to your fulldome theater requirements from Visuals Attraction

Powerful Planetarium Software

Planetarium software is the heatbeat of every immersive theater.  At its very core, the  fulldome software offered by Visuals Attraction is an interactive computer platform designed for live presentation.

Present Live, or Record your Shows

Beyond the software’s visualization capabilities, we takes every measure to offer technology for theaters that empowers them to be creative with their space. Features that make presenter-led live shows easy, that interconnect a dome with other users and domes, that integrates all theater equipment in one theater control, and much more. We want our tools to be easy and intuitive, while they ensure that your dome theater or planetarium stays relevant and has a distinct profile compared to competing venues.