Correctional Institution

  • Project Name: Correctional Institution
  • Classification: Confidential
  • Date: 2017

Project Detail

Visuals Attraction was contracted to provide top class secure, redundant, resilient and reliable IT & security Infrastructure for a Correctional Institution in UAE using the very latest in cutting-edge technology. The project included a comprehensive security infrastructure management solution.

The Institution is regarded as one of the most important security infrastructure sites worldwide. The delivery of this project enabled Visuals Attraction to realize its vision and develop process improvements, learning greatly throughout the duration of the program.


  • The entire institution complex had to be provided with a solution that enabled full monitoring and control of the site from the command control center.
  • All building entrances and exits had to be secured and controlled via a CCTV and access control system
  • All IT Infrastructure had to be fully failure redundant, meeting standards set by the project consultant.


  • Command Control Centers.
  • CCTV Surveillance Solutions.
  • Video Management System.
  • Intercom System.
  • Access Control System.
  • Public Address Systems.
  • Under Vehicle Scanning. System
  • Network Switching & Cabling.
  • Automation Solutions.
  • IPTV Solutions.


  • Visuals Attraction successfully completed the project by delivering a fully customized technology solution.
  • Annual maintenance with continuous improvement received high satisfaction response from the customer.
  • Visuals Attraction has been presented with a Government award for the delivery of a superior quality project.